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Best Brokers with Guaranteed
Stop Loss Feature

We'll look at the various benefits of having Guaranteed stop-loss feature,
as well as the risks involved when using it.

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What is guaranteed stop loss?

Many cryptocurrency debates provide a guarantee against losing any part of your investment. If an order is filled at a lower price than the stop-loss price, it will stop you from losing more. 

When a guaranteed stop-loss purchase order is placed, users are entitled to cancel it before it fills. 

Guaranteed stop loss is a risk management strategy for traders in the financial markets, including stocks, futures, and forex. It is a form of order that traders can place with their stop-loss broker to protect them from large losses. 

When the trade reaches a certain loss level, the order is executed automatically, preventing further losses. As a result of a guaranteed stop limit order, traders can control their risk and limit their losses to a predetermined amount. 

Although this order is more expensive than a wider stop loss, traders can still use it to manage risk and protect capital.

Is it worth it?

A stop-loss is essentially a “limit order” used to enter specific trade orders with a predetermined price to enter the market. This eases new traders who do not know how to invest but want a hedge against a losing trade. 

The decision to purchase stop-loss insurance should be carefully considered. To protect businesses against catastrophic or unfortunate claims, stop-loss insurance can also be useful as a risk management tool. 

It is important to weigh the potential benefits of stopping loss insurance against the cost of the coverage. However, losses can be high. 

Additionally, understanding the policy and considering the potential for potential claims is crucial in deciding whether stop-loss insurance is worth the risk. 

Ultimately, the decision to purchase stop-loss insurance should be based on a thorough analysis of the costs and benefits of the coverage.

How can guaranteeing stop loss benefit your trading?

What is Leverage in Forex Trading?

When opening a new position, you may be asked to use a guaranteed stop loss in your trading account. The work will unquestionably close, and a profit will be calculated if your market value falls below your limit for your guaranteed stop loss. 

By setting a guaranteed stop loss order, you can forebode the maximum loss you are willing to take on a trade. This makes managing the risk associated with trading easier and ensures that failures do not exceed predetermined levels. 

Additionally, guaranteed stop-loss orders can help you manage your emotions while trading. 

By setting a maximum loss level, you can eliminate the anxiety of watching the market and allow yourself to focus on the trading plan. This will help you make better trading decisions and limit potential losses.

Is it more important for scalpers and swing traders?

Scalpers and swing traders are strongly advised to use guaranteed stop losses since it reduces risk submission and keeps losses within an acceptable range. 

Guaranteed stop losses limit the downside risk of any trade by automatically closing the position at a predetermined price. This ensures that traders are not exposed to unexpected failures and that their capital is protected. 

In scalpers’ case, guaranteed stop losses allow them to keep taking small profits from multiple trades while limiting potential losses. 

Also, traders in the swing market may find guaranteed stop losses helpful since they reduce their downside risk and observe market trends. 

How to set up a guaranteed stop-loss order?

A safe trading system allows traders to place a stop loss order at a preset price or, worst-case scenario, before a trade. This is often done as a way to prevent large losses from happening. 

A trader would exit a trade in a very bad position, which could result in large losses. 


1. How is a Guaranteed Stop Loss different from a regular Stop Loss?

 A regular stop-loss order does not guarantee that the trade will be executed at the specified price. A trader may experience a lower stop loss if the market changes rapidly and gaps are made beyond the stop loss range. 

On the other hand, a guaranteed stop loss ensures the trade will be executed at the specified price, regardless of market gaps. 

2. What is the cost of using a Guaranteed Stop Loss? 

A Guaranteed Stop Loss usually comes with additional costs, such as a larger spread or a separate fee, paid by the broker. 

This cost is generally higher than a regular stop-loss order, as it provides traders with higher protection. 

3. What is a Margin Call?

A Margin Call is a notification from a broker that a trader’s account has fallen below the required margin level. Most often, this happens when a trading position moves against the trader. The trader must then deposit additional funds to their account to avoid the broker closing the trader’s positions. 

4. Is a Guaranteed Stop Loss more important for scalpers or swing traders? 

 Scalpers (traders that Scalp the market) may benefit from a Guaranteed Stop Loss since they are more susceptible to sudden market movements during shorter-term periods. 

However, any trader who wants to limit their potential losses can benefit from using a Guaranteed Stop Loss, regardless of their trading style. 

5. Can a Guaranteed Stop Loss be used in all markets? 

Guaranteed Stop Losses can be used in most markets, including forex, stocks, and commodities. However, the accessibility of Guaranteed Stop Loss orders may vary by broker and trading platform.

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