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11 Major Differences Between CFD Trading and Spread Betting?

  What is CFD trading? What are CFD’s? CFD stands for a ‘contract for difference’. It is a well-renowned form or system of derivative trading. It allows you to analyse the incline and decline in the rapidly globalising economic trade, which includes commodities, treasuries, indices, shares and currencies. It is extremely beneficial as it enables you to trade on the periphery, that is buy if there is a

12 Real Differences Between Direct Market Access (DMA) vs Straight Through Process (STP) Brokers

  The financial market deals with the exchange of financial instruments which are traded such as securities, commodities, derivatives and other instruments. It includes dealing with trades and includes price information for securities. There are different types of financial markets, which include Capital Market, Derivative Markets, Commodities Markets, Foreign Exchange Markets, and Money Markets. What is Direct

Top Ten Principles of Technical Trading & Analysis- A summary of John Murphy’s Book

  When it comes trading the financial markets (Forex, Commodities, Futures & Stocks), John Murphy has been acclaimed as a very popular author, columnist, and speaker on technical analysis. His Ten laws of technical trading is a very comprehensive

Forex Fundamentals | The Effect of Interest Rates on Major Currency pairs

Are you looking to invest or trade the Forex Market? Then you’re really in need to keep yourself up to date about Forex Fundamental news or sometimes referred to as Forex News announcements. The number one source for all Forex news or FX news announcements is Forex Factory and its well organised Forex Factory News calendar. Its’s a well-known platform amongst all traders with news announcements/events to take place; for the

XTB posts record half-year results as trader’s flock to the popular online broker | Broker News

  XTB - the award winning FX & CFD broker - reported another record set of earnings for 2018. The broker saw revenues grow 70% to €46m compared to the same period a year ago. Additionally, operating profit jumped nearly 250% to €26.8m. On the back of this earnings report,

Patience Is A Virtue- Why it's very important to trade forex with patience

    Forex trading is one of the most liquid markets in the world with an estimated trading volume of $5billion plus of traded volume per day. One who employs a well learnt strategy, follows a set trading plan, shows perseverance, applies technical/fundamentals and exercises certain trading habits/characteristics can certainly become a profitable trader. However, trading and making money in the Forex Market doesn’t

What is Forex Risk Management and the famous 1% rule?

    Risk management is all about developing a strategy for the identification, evaluation and analysis of possible risk that may come up while trading any market. Every forex trade comes with a certain percentage of risk. In simple terms, it’s defined as how much capital one is willing to lose in order to gain. Forex or any other market can be traded without risk management but you can potentially stand losing your

Top 5 additional features to think about before choosing a forex broker?

  To trade the Forex market with real funds one must open a trading account with a broker. There are a large, even overwhelming, number of brokers available on the internet. As a beginner trader you normally spend a lot of time researching facts, key terms and educate yourself on how to actually trade. Spread data, broker commissions, CFD

Stop loss- What is it? How to use one? Why its critical to use a ‘stop loss’ or ‘stop order’ for protecting your profits?

  We are going to explain why it’s critical to use a stop loss on all your trades whether you’re a day, swing or even a long term trader. Although, it’s classed as an additional feature on your trading terminal (portal where you execute your trades e.g. Meta trader 4 or TradingView). Using a stop loss will certainly help you to manage risk by limiting potential losses. It’s always better to look at your trading like

Top 10 Most Profitable Candlestick Patterns Made Easy for Beginner Traders

    It’s a known fact when your starting out trading Forex, Commodities or even Stocks, ‘Candlesticks’ or 'Japanese Candlesticks' are known to be one of the most difficult concepts to grasp. I know, many questions run through your head; Why all the fuss? What do they mean? Who created