Forex Trading

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Forex Trading Vs. Options Trading. What are the key differences?

  Forex Trading Forex Trading, also known as FX Trading or by many as the Foreign Currency Exchange, is a financial market where a person can buy or sell foreign currencies in order to try and make a profit. Let's say you want to buy the AUDUSD currency pair. If the AUD goes up in

Top seven tips for choosing an online Forex broker

The more we live the more we find out that we are dependent on many things besides our wits. Smartness will only get us so far, but unless we make use of systems set up for our convenience we are apt to fail. This is so with the Forex market. The way how the market works means we have to work through a broker or a market maker to get our trades started and completed. You can find Forex brokers in

What are the Differences of Trading Mini Lots Vs. Full-sized Lots in Forex?

It can be complicated when finding the right type of forex trading account that coincides with your potential deposit size. Commonly, there are three types of Forex accounts; Standard, Mini and Micro. Please be assured that not all Forex brokers offer all three types accounts (see brokers). When trading currencies on standard account you can buy and sell 100,000

What is ECN Forex Trading? Advantages and disadvantages of trading with an ECN broker

    Whаt is ECN Fоrеx Trading? Forex or Foreign exchange is a popular global market for those whо аrе interested in currency trаding. There аrе many traders around the world that analyse and trade the FX market deploying different strategies, timeframes

MetaTrader 4 vs MetaTrader 5 (2018). Which Forex trading platform shall I choose?

  MetaTrader 4 Platform   MetaTrader 4 iѕ a ѕоftwаrе platform that аllоwѕ trаdеrѕ оf any еxреriеnсе lеvеl tо trade and hone their Forex Trading ѕkillѕ. Thеrе аrе a number оf trading platforms оut there for a beginner Fоrеx trader e.g. Ninja Trader, Trading

Why are XTB, AvaTrade and Plus500 are amongst the Best Forex trading platforms of 2018?

    This is probably one of the most important choices you will make when your starting out on your Forex trading journey, which is selecting a trusted, regulated and reputable online broker. And you may ask, what do qualities do I look for before choosing a broker to trade Forex? We believe there are six main factors to keep an eye

Top 10 Most Profitable Candlestick Patterns Made Easy for Beginner Traders

    It’s a known fact when your starting out trading Forex, Commodities or even Stocks, ‘Candlesticks’ or 'Japanese Candlesticks' are known to be one of the most difficult concepts to grasp. I know, many questions run through your head; Why all the fuss? What do they mean? Who created

Stop loss- What is it? How to use one? Why its critical to use a ‘stop loss’ or ‘stop order’ for protecting your profits?

  We are going to explain why it’s critical to use a stop loss on all your trades whether you’re a day, swing or even a long term trader. Although, it’s classed as an additional feature on your trading terminal (portal where you execute your trades e.g. Meta trader 4 or TradingView). Using a stop loss will certainly help you to manage risk by limiting potential losses. It’s always better to look at your trading like

Top 5 additional features to think about before choosing a forex broker?

  To trade the Forex market with real funds one must open a trading account with a broker. There are a large, even overwhelming, number of brokers available on the internet. As a beginner trader you normally spend a lot of time researching facts, key terms and educate yourself on how to actually trade. Spread data, broker commissions, CFD

What is Forex Risk Management and the famous 1% rule?

    Risk management is all about developing a strategy for the identification, evaluation and analysis of possible risk that may come up while trading any market. Every forex trade comes with a certain percentage of risk. In simple terms, it’s defined as how much capital one is willing to lose in order to gain. Forex or any other market can be traded without risk management but you can potentially stand losing your