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Journey of a Successful Trader

The journey of trader is not an ordinary journey. Whether you are a professional trader, instutional trader (hedge fund or investment bank trader), or a complete beginner, trading the Financial Markets is a unique profession that comes with many challenges. Trading any instrument/markets (e.g. Forex, Stocks, commodities, Indicies or even Cryptocurrencies) can ultimately define the personality of an individual with the test of time.

Top four reasons why Forex traders abandon their trading plan

As a trader following your trading plan with consistency and strict adherence requires high level of discipline and focus. It is a fact that a trading plan is not created overnight and is done by testing and applying various strategies over a period of time. Certain currency pairs do move in trends and are known to have cyclical characteristics. An organised forex trader will normally have his trades

Forex Demo Account Trading Vs Real Account Trading | Why both are necessary for your trading success?

So now you have encountered a YouTube advert or some get rich quick scheme stating you can secure financial freedom and abundance of wealth by trading Forex, stocks or even more in limelight the misunderstood world of cryptocurrency? Believe me I’m more in tune about Bitcoin trading and the uses of block chains. Ok! So what’s the next step? Well usually you search on google and start gathering

Top 3 common trading mistakes to avoid for long-term success

    1. Risk/Money Management If you ask a professional/successful trader what is the one aspect of trading that separates the winners from losers? Majority will say RISK MANAGEMENT. Successful traders know that their trading capital is the key to their very trading existence and protecting this is actually more important than their gains. Without capital you can’t earn from

Greed: One of the deadly sins of trading

Many of traders and their accounts have suffered greatly because of greed. This is in reference to the classic saying “Bulls and Bears make money pigs get slaughtered”. In terms of animals a pig is an embodiment of greed and especially in the business of trading, the markets, market makers (brokers) show no mercy to these type of

Why is Fundamental analysis important for Forex trading?

LET’S TAKE SOME TIME TO UNDERSTAND FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS In the world of Forex, Fundamental Analysis is all about comparing and analysing one country’s economic data and performance with a second one (or a group of countries in case they share a common currency). Basically, the Forex market has currency pairs, which means that price is always showing the balance and relationship of 2 economic entities. Many

Bloodbath Tuesday- Are we experiencing a cryptocurrency market crash or a market correction?

As of 16th January 2018, in matter of nine days, the cryptocurrency total market capitalisation had dropped by 32.9% from being at an all-time high of £830 billion. The market is going into a frenzy and many media critics are stating this is the inevitable crash that was predicted in the previous weeks; as Bitcoin along with all other cryptocurrencies were seeing unprecedented gains since the beginning of December 2017. According to reports

Why do majority of Forex Traders Fail?

The Forex market regarded as ‘the beast’ on Wall Street is known to be a tough market to crack. It is said that the failure rate in the Forex industry is very high, with more than 95% of aspiring traders expected to drop out of the game within their first few years of trading. Many retail traders blame it on the fact they are swimming with huge sharks and whales and that there isn’t a mere

Forex Trading Vs. Options Trading. What are the key differences?

  Forex Trading Forex Trading, also known as FX Trading or by many as the Foreign Currency Exchange, is a financial market where a person can buy or sell foreign currencies in order to try and make a profit. Let's say you want to buy the AUDUSD currency pair. If the AUD goes up in

What are the Differences of Trading Mini Lots Vs. Full-sized Lots in Forex?

It can be complicated when finding the right type of forex trading account that coincides with your potential deposit size. Commonly, there are three types of Forex accounts; Standard, Mini and Micro. Please be assured that not all Forex brokers offer all three types accounts (see brokers). When trading currencies on standard account you can buy and sell 100,000