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Did European Banks Really Overcharge Small Customers For Forex Services?

  European banks are being accused of overcharging small to medium enterprises and similar customers for foreign exchange services. These banks earned hundreds of millions of Euros… View More

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3 Types Of Charts Used For Forex and CFD Trading

Understanding the world of trading can sometimes be a very difficult task, especially for beginners. When you step inside to explore this topic, there is a great chance that you are going to be… View More

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BPC Strategy – Breakout, Pullback & Continuation Strategy | Forex Trading Strategy

BPC- It Comes In Three Phases The BPC trading strategy is probably the oldest and consistent technical trading strategy. It is universally recognised by all technical traders (i.e. those… View More

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XTB Broker Now Offers 25 Cryptocurrency CFD Assets for Trading

  XTB has announced its introduction of a new expansive… View More