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XTB posts record half-year results as trader’s flock to the popular online broker | Broker News

  XTB - the award winning FX & CFD broker - reported another record set of earnings for 2018. The… View More

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Trading With Patience- Create Discipline and Trade Forex With Patience

  Forex trading is one of the most liquid markets in the world with an estimated trading volume of $5billion plus of traded volume per day. One who employs a well learnt strategy,… View More

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Forex Risk Management & The Famous 1% rule

  Risk management is all about developing a strategy for the identification, evaluation and analysis of possible risk that may come up while trading any market. Every forex trade… View More

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Top 5 Additional Features To Think About Before Choosing a Forex Broker?

ing To trade the Forex market with real funds one must open a… View More