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    Brokers for Options Trading in Australia

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      Find the best brokers in Australia for trading options. Compare features, platforms and fees. We help you make informed decisions.

      What are the options?

      Options are financial derivatives which give investors the right but not the obligation to buy or sell an asset at a certain price and within a specific timeframe. Call options allow the buyer to purchase an asset, while put options enable the seller to sell an asset.

      It is important to have the best broker on your side when it comes time to trade options in Australia. We’ll look at the best brokers in Australia, what makes them unique, and their key features.


      • CommSec is a well-known name in the financial trading world.
      • Services offered: The company offers a platform that is easy to use, as well as research tools and educational materials.
      • Why choose CommSec? With a wide range of services and a solid reputation, CommSec makes a great choice for beginners as well as experienced traders.

      IG Australia

      • IG Australia has a strong global presence and is a brokerage that’s well established.
      • Services: Advanced trading tools, mobile apps, and market analyses are all available.
      • Why choose IG Australia? IG Australia has a reputation for cutting edge technology and outstanding customer service.

      CMC Markets

      • CMC Markets has a rich history on the Australian market.
      • Services offered: A wide variety of trading platforms and instruments are available.
      • CMC Markets is the best choice for those traders who have specific trading preferences. Their platform can be customised to suit their needs.

      Saxo Capital Markets

      • Saxo Capital Markets, a Danish Investment Bank with strong presence in Australia.
      • Service Offered: Access to the global market and an easy-to-use platform are provided.
      • Saxo Capital Markets offers an extensive trading academy and diverse assets.

      Online Brokers

      • Interactive Brokers, a leading global broker known for offering competitive prices.
      • Services: Low-cost trading is available, as are advanced tools and mobile apps.
      • Why choose Interactive Brokers? If you are looking for the best value, Interactive Brokers will be your top pick.

      Bell Direct

      • Bell Direct, an Australian owned online broker.
      • The company offers trading ideas, charts, research reports, and other services.
      • Bell Direct is a favourite among Australian retailers because of their local knowledge and excellent customer service.


      • SelfWealth promotes community investing.
      • Service Offered: A flat fee structure is provided, as well as a feature for social portfolio sharing.
      • SelfWealth is a great choice if you are interested in community insight.

      FP Markets

      • FP Markets, an Australian broker with a worldwide reach.
      • Service Offered: Tight spreads, advanced platform, and extensive education resources are available.
      • Why choose FP Markets? Traders who are looking for competitive spreads, professional tools and a wide range of trading options often select FP Markets.

      Westpac Online Investing

      • Westpac, one of Australia’s oldest banks, offers online trading services.
      • Service Offered: Access to ASX markets and other international markets.
      • Westpac Online Investing is a good choice if you want the security of a large bank.


      • ThinkMarkets, an online broker that focuses on the latest technology.
      • They provide a platform that is proprietary and offers an array of assets.
      • ThinkMarkets is a leading trading platform that offers a unique approach.

      Why Trade Options?

      Options trading has distinct advantages. These include leverage, risk control, and the potential to make money in rising or falling markets. This is a financial instrument that can be used by a variety of investors.

      Fees Associated with Options Trading

      Spread costs & Commission Fees

      The commission that the broker charges for the execution of your option trades is one thing to keep in mind. Ekzaga has competitive commissions that are based on your volume and type of trades. High-frequency traders may be eligible for lower commission rates. Spread costs are also important to traders. Spread is the difference in price between buying and selling an option. Ekzaga offers competitive spreads, so you can get the most value from your trades.

      Charges for Account Maintenance and Inactivity

      Ekzaga doesn’t charge any account fees. Ekzaga does not charge monthly account maintenance fees. Inactivity fees are a potential concern for traders that may not be as active. Ekzaga does not charge any inactivity fees. This makes it perfect for active traders and even occasional ones.

      Options Trading Benefits in Australia

      Risk Management

      Trading options can be a very powerful way to manage risk in your portfolio. You can safeguard your investment portfolio from negative market fluctuations by strategically using options contracts.

      Flexible Payments & Leverage

      Trading options offer a variety of strategies to suit different market conditions. Options strategies are tailored for your goals, whether you’re bullish or bearish. Trading options allows you to take a large position on an asset by investing a small amount upfront, and maximising your returns.

      Options trading platforms: a methodology

      Volatility trading

      Ekzaga is a specialist in volatility trading. It takes advantage of market fluctuations to make money. Trading options contracts to profit from the market volatility is part of this strategy. Ekzaga offers sophisticated strategies to help investors who are risk-averse reduce potential losses. They are especially useful when the market is uncertain.

      Earnings Generation

      Ekzaga provides income-generating strategies for those who are looking to generate a regular stream of income. It can add value to an investor’s portfolio.

      Features for Successful Options Trading

      Trading options require a wide range of assets. Ekzaga provides options on commodities, currencies, indices and commodities. This allows you to diversify your portfolio. Trading options requires that you manage risk. Ekzaga offers risk management tools like stop-loss and trailing stops that can help protect your investment.

      Trading on the move is essential in today’s fast paced world. Ekzaga’s mobile trading app allows you to monitor your trades and execute them from your smartphone or tablets. Access to tools for research and analysis is essential for making informed decisions. Ekzaga offers comprehensive market analysis, research reports and economic calendars that keep you up to date on market trends.

      Ekzaga’s demo accounts are ideal for those who want to learn about options trading, or test out strategies without risking their own capital. These simulated trading accounts let you practise with virtual money. You should choose a broker who operates under the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s (ASIC) regulations. Ekzaga’s compliance with ASIC regulations ensures a safe and reliable trading environment.


      The decision to choose the best broker for trading options in Australia will be a crucial one in your trading career. Ekzaga is a good choice because it offers competitive fees, an easy-to-use platform, and many features that support your trading goals. Ekzaga offers something for everyone, whether you are a novice or seasoned trader. To make the most out of your trading experience, take advantage of Ekzaga’s educational resources, trading instruments, and excellent customer service.

      Ekzaga is a platform which combines innovation and expertise to meet the needs of modern traders. If you are ready to enter the world of option trading, Ekzaga is your partner for financial success.


      What is the minimum amount required to open a new account at Ekzaga?

      Ekzaga has different account types, each with its own minimum deposit requirement. The minimum deposit ranges from $500 to $10,000.

      Can I trade options using Ekzaga mobile app?

      You can trade options using Ekzaga mobile app on your smartphone. The mobile app offers the same functionality as the web platform.

      Does Ekzaga offer customer support on weekends?

      Ekzaga’s customer service team is available on weekends. This ensures that you can get help whenever you need it.

      What trading strategies can I employ with Ekzaga ?

      Ekzaga supports a variety of trading strategies including swing trading, day trading and long-term investment. The platform is flexible enough to allow you to use your preferred trading strategies.

      Can I withdraw money from my Ekzaga Account?

      Ekzaga offers a simple withdrawal process. You can withdraw money to your bank account linked or preferred method of payment without any restrictions.

      Is Ekzaga a good place to trade?

      Ekzaga offers bonuses and promotions to traders from time to time. Check their website for current promotions or contact customer service to learn more.


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