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    DEGIRO vs. Interactive Brokers: A Detailed Comparison

    Mushtaq Ahmed

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      The right trading platform is crucial to your success in online investing and trading. DEGIRO or Interactive Brokers are two popular choices that come up often.Ekzaga here to help you decide, we will compare the main features of each platform.

      DEGIRO vs Interactive Brokers Compared


      DEGIRO is a popular choice among beginners because of its easy-to-use interface. Even those who are new to investment can easily get started with its intuitive design and straightforward navigation. You can trade many assets with DEGIRO. From stocks, ETFs and options to options.

      Inter Brokers

      Interactive Brokers, on the other hand is an industry leader, renowned for its powerful trading tools, global reach, and robust platform. Interactive Brokers is a good platform to use if you are an advanced investor. The platform offers an extensive selection of assets, as well as access to global markets.

      Which Platform Is Right for You?

      Your specific needs and preferences will determine which DEGIRO or Interactive Brokers you choose. When making a decision, consider factors like your trading experience and the assets that you wish to trade.

      Is DEGIRO better than Interactive Brokers?

      Investors have two options when it comes to online trading platforms: DEGIRO or Interactive Brokers. Ekzaga, a recent entrant to the market offering a unique approach to investing, has entered in recent years. Let’s have a closer inspection.

      DEGIRO, a Dutch online broker, is known for its user-friendly platform and low fees. It provides a variety of investment options including stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. DEGIRO charges some of the lowest fees in the industry. This makes it a good choice for investors who are cost conscious. It offers a range of analytical and research tools that help investors make informed decisions.

      Interactive Brokers, a US-based broker with over 40 years of experience in the online market, is another option. It’s popular among experienced traders because of its trading platforms and advanced tools. Interactive Brokers has a broader range of investment opportunities than DEGIRO. This includes forex, futures and options. Its fees are however higher than DEGIRO.

      Features of DEGIRO vs Interactive Brokers

      DEGIRO: Features and Benefits

      Low-cost Trading: DEGIRO’s fee structure is known for being competitive, which makes it a great option for investors on a budget.

      DEGIRO provides access to a wide range of asset classes including stocks, bonds and ETFs.

      Users of all levels will find the platform easy to navigate thanks to its intuitive design.

      Safety and Regulation DEGIRO’s platform is regulated by the top financial authorities. This ensures its security.

      Features of Interactive Brokers

      Global Reach: Interactive Brokers offers access to an array of international markets that allows users to diversify portfolios.

      The platform provides sophisticated trading tools, including algorithms for advanced traders.

      Comprehensive Research: Users can benefit from comprehensive research materials, including market analyses.

      Security measures: Interactive Brokers uses robust security measures to protect user assets.

      Are DEGIRO and Interactive Brokers a good broker?

      DEGIRO is one of the top online brokers. Interactive Brokers and DEGIRO are also among the best. In choosing an online broker, you should consider several factors, including fees, trading platforms and customer service.


      DEGIRO has low commissions, which makes it popular among traders that want to cut their costs. The platform provides a variety of investment choices, such as stocks, ETFs and funds. DEGIRO offers an easy-to-use trading platform, which is ideal for novices and experts alike. This broker offers traders a mobile application that allows them to log in on-the-go. DEGIRO has a few downsides. For example, its customer support isn’t as extensive as some other brokers.

      Trading Interactive Brokers

      Interactive Brokers has been in business for four decades. The broker provides a number of trading platforms including its proprietary platform Trader Workstation which is aimed at advanced traders. Interactive Brokers provides many investment choices, including futures, stocks, bonds, and options. Interactive Brokers’ comprehensive customer support is one of its many advantages.

      DEGIRO vs Interactive Brokers Trading Fees with Ekzaga

      Investors can select between DEGIRO or Interactive Brokers when it comes to the trading fee. We have done a comparison of the two platforms at Ekzaga to assist investors in making an informed choice.

      DEGIRO has a transparent and simple fee structure with no fees for custody and low commissions. Platform charges EUR10 maximum for European Exchanges, and EUR0.50 per US Stock. DEGIRO also offers free commissions for trading over 700 ETFs.

      This makes it a great option for passive investors. Investors should be aware that DEGIRO will charge an extra fee for some services, such as dividend processing and real-time pricing.

      Interactive Brokers, on the other hand offers more investment opportunities, such as access to 135 different markets across 33 countries. It charges $0.005 for US shares and up to 0.5% for foreign stocks.

      This makes it more costly than DEGIRO in certain cases. Interactive Brokers has a fee structure with tiers that is beneficial to high volume traders. The platform also offers investors a variety of educational and research tools.

      DEGIRO vs Interactive Brokers Trading Platforms with Ekzaga

      What is DEGIRO or Interactive Brokers?

      DEGIRO & Interactive Brokers both offer online brokerage platforms where users can buy / sell various financial instruments. These include stocks, bonds, options, etc. They are designed to act as intermediaries for investors, providing a simple interface with access to many assets.

      DEGIRO is a Streamlined Simplicity

      DEGIRO is renowned for its user-friendly interface. This platform makes navigation easy, and is an excellent option for beginners. DEGIRO allows you to trade stocks and ETFs as well as bonds, options, and other assets. If you’re looking to have a well-diversified portfolio, this is the platform for you.

      Interactive Brokers Robust and Customizable

      Interactive Brokers provides a customizable, robust interface. Although the interface might seem confusing at first glance, seasoned traders will appreciate that they can customise it to suit their individual needs.

      Pros and Cons of DEGIRO vs Interactive Brokers

      Pros and Cons of DEGIRO

      Investors can trade with DEGIRO or Interactive Brokers, two of the most popular online brokers. The two platforms are different and have advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the best platform depends on your trading preferences and needs.

      Low fees is one of DEGIRO main benefits. DEGIRO has some of the best commission rates on the market when it comes to trading bonds, stocks, ETFs and other financial instruments. It is a good option for new investors or those who want to reduce their trading expenses.

      DEGIRO has some restrictions with its low-cost fees. It doesn’t provide access to all trading instruments or markets, for example. And its educational and research resources are also limited in comparison to those of other brokers.

      Pros and Cons of Interactive Brokers

      Interactive Brokers has a more comprehensive trading interface and offers access to multiple markets and trading tools. Investors may trade in stocks, commodities, currencies, options and more. Advanced trading tools are also available. Interactive Brokers, too, offers competitive prices. However its fees might be slightly higher than DEGIRO.

      Interactive Brokers also has some disadvantages. For inexperienced users, the platform may seem overwhelming. The fees charged can also be confusing.


      Both platforms are strong and weak in the DEGIRO-Interactive Brokers fight. DEGIRO appeals to investors who are looking for simplicity and cost savings, while Interactive Brokers is a great choice for experienced traders.

      Your decision will ultimately be based on your investment preferences and goals. Explore both platforms and consider Ekzaga’s integration as a way to enhance your trading strategy.


      Are DEGIRO services available for U.S. citizens?

      DEGIRO does not offer DEGIRO to US residents.

      How much are DEGIRO’s inactivity charges?

      DEGIRO can charge an inactivity fee for certain types of accounts if there is no activity for a specific period.

      Is there a required minimum balance for Interactive Brokers?

      Interactive Brokers usually requires that you have a certain minimum balance in your account before opening an account.

      Ekzaga used with DEGIRO or Interactive Brokers?

      Ekzaga is compatible with DEGIRO as well as Interactive Brokers to enhance data analytics and trading insight.

      What platform is best for newbies, DEGIRO or Interactive Brokers?

      DEGIRO’s intuitive interface, as well as its lower costs, are generally considered to be more user-friendly. Beginners should consider their needs and preferences before choosing a platform.


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