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8 Best Forex Trading Platforms of 2023

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BlackBulll Markets

Day Trading: Essential Broker Features That Day Traders Need To Know About

Most of the people who enter the world of Forex, Stock, Indices & Commodities trading need to be introduced to the different concepts that surround the world of trading. They need to know about making investments in different financial markets and how that is going to benefit them in the short and the long term. 

Here we are going to discuss one such trading method that has been circling in the world of trading for a very long time. We are going to talk about day trading and the essential features that it requires. 

What Is Day Trading?

Looking to take advantage of the market’s daily movements? Day trading is your ticket! Unlike swing and position traders, day traders can capitalize on short-term price fluctuations quickly by entering and exiting positions in a single session. So why wait around for tomorrow – get started with day trading today!

As a day trader, you have the ability to take advantage of Intraday market fluctuations and unlock potential profits with careful consideration towards technical analysis. To ensure success in your trading session at the end of each day, time exits, profit targets, and stop losses are important tools that should be utilized – they serve as helpful checkpoints for when it comes time to make decisions on closing trades. 

Oppurtunity Of Day Trading

With these considerations taken into account, you can confidently enter positions knowing there is both an opportunity for gain but also protection against undesirable outcomes.

Since the day trading investments and trades are just held for a little period of time such as hours and minutes, it is pretty uncommon to have large-priced moves in day trading. 

For someone who will be satisfied with the small profits in order to have their gains, this trading style is optimal. In order to leverage the power of buying, the day traders will be allowed to trade within a particular margin.

Is Day Trading a Full-Time Job?

There is no doubt about the fact that day trading is a job that goes full-time since all the trades and the positions need to be in a constant state of monitoring. The traders will have to be notified in case there are any particular interruptions that happen in the chain of technology. 

Let us provide you with an example for better understanding. A loss of the internet connection can interrupt the chain of technology along with some other trading platform issues as well. So, it is imperative that the positions are always monitored in case any such problems arise.

Different Trading Styles That Are Essential

There are many different trading styles that traders need to know about and all of these are completely different from one another. Here we are mentioning some of them. 

  • Day Trader: The time frame Day trading is short term and the positions are for a day only and there are no positions overnight.  
  • Swing Trading: The time frame of swing trading is also short term but the positions are held for days to sometimes weeks. 
  • Positional Investing: It has got a long-term time frame and the positions are held for months and in certain cases years as well. 
  • ‘Scalping’ or Scalp Trading: This one is a very short-term trading style and the positions with this trading style are just held for seconds and sometimes minutes. So, there is no question of overnight positions here. 
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MT4, MT5, Mobile App & Tablets
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Understanding The Difference Between Swing Trading And Day Trading

When it comes to the difference between swing trading and day trading, there can be many. Here are some of the differences mentioned below. 

Time Commitment

A huge requirement of time commitment when we talk about day trading. The positions in day trading are changed within minutes and hence need to be constantly monitored all the time. The time frames in swing trading are not that short and hence can provide a favourable position to the trader. 

Startup Cost

Day traders always compete with traders that have high-frequency and hedge funds too. So, the start-up costs with day trading are a bit high. Compared to that, swing trading can be done perfectly on a particular individual basis and hence does not require more costs. 


Day trading can be a bit stressful since there is a need for constant monitoring of the positions. Compared to that, the swing trading style can be a little less stressful for traders. 

Day Trading: Key Points

Here we are mentioning some of the features that the traders need about day trading which will help them in getting an idea about the trading style. 

Constant Monitoring

One of the most important features of day trading is that the positions are changed in a matter of minutes. So, there is a need for constant monitoring of these changes in the position in case something goes wrong. So, the day trader will have to be ever-present till the closing of the trade.

No Overnight Positions

The time frame followed by the Day trading style is short-term. So, that means the trades that are attained by the style remain there for a single day. As such, there are no overnight positions that are held when it comes to day trading options. 

No Rollover Interest

There is a rollover interest that is assigned to the trades that are held over a single night. Since the positions in day trading are not overnight, there is no additional rollover interest that is attached to these trades. 

That is all there is to know about day trading and the essential features that accompany it. Day trading is an exceptionally easy and fast method of making profits with the help of short-term trades. With a proper understanding of this trading style, traders can make profits with some small gains every single day. 


What Broker Features Are Advantageous For Day Trading

Negative Balance Protection

This feature protects a trader from entering into a negative trading balance. Every broker sets a margin call which means you are restricted to the maximum lot size you can possibly trade. 

Forex trading is highly leveraged trading and the market is very volatile therefore sometimes a losing trade can exceed risk or stop levels meaning you lose beyond deposit levels. Negative balance protection is useful when a trader leverages more on their trades relative to their account size.

One-Click Trading

This feature is necessary for executing a trade with a single mouse click without the hassle of opening other windows. As we know trading entry opportunities come and go within seconds so it’s very handy to have this feature. 

This is very helpful for traders that look for short-term opportunities i.e. Scalp traders or ‘Scalping’. Many brokers have their own online versions of trading terminals (also known as webtrader) like XTB’s xStation. Although this feature is available on Metatrader4 it has been downloaded as a plugin.

Guaranteed Stop Loss

Sometimes trades may go beyond a stop loss price by a couple of pips (percentage in points) thus increasing your loss. Brokers refer to this as ‘slippage’ and it mostly occurs during times of high volatility. Brokers such as XTB and Plus500 have guaranteed stop loss which enables traders to be certain of knowing that trade will terminate at the Stop loss price level.

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