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    One-Fifth of Forex Investors Invest & Trade Exclusively Using Mobile Apps

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      Nowadays, investing in mobile devices has become increasingly popular. Mobile app trading is on the rise, and according to recent studies, around one-fifth of investors are now actively using their phones or tablets to invest. Mobile apps offer a convenient way to access the stock market and manage investments without having to be physically located at a desk or in front of a computer.

      5 Best Trading Apps For 2023

      Mobile app trading has become one of the most popular and convenient ways for traders to manage their portfolios. Mobile apps offer a range of features that allow users to buy or sell stocks, trade CFDs & Forex, track their investments, view real-time market data, access research materials, and get advice from experienced professionals. 

      To help you out, we’ve listed five of the best mobile trading apps for 2023:


      Ideal for both beginner and expert traders, AvaTrade offers an extensive range of platforms with competitive spreads and zero commissions on select markets. It also provides user-friendly tools such as charting technology and advanced risk management capabilities.

      Avatrade GO is the best forex broker app to facilitate all your trading needs.

      AvatradeGO offers you a comprehensive range of tools that are designed to make trading simpler than ever. Firstly, the app equips you with step-by-step guidance on opening trades, which makes it easier for users to get started quickly and confidently. Additionally, AvaTradeGO provides feedback on your activity so that you can remain up-to-date with your progress and performance. Most importantly, AvaTradeGO supports its users 24/7, ensuring that they have access to assistance whenever it’s needed. Not only these features AvaTrade GO also allows users to manage multiple accounts and switch between demo, real and fixed spread accounts using their AvaTrade account credentials so as to make sure that they are always getting the most up-to-date data from their trades. AvaTrade GO is truly a revolutionary way to trade in the Forex markets!

      HFM (HotForex)

      This mobile trading app is ideal for those who want to trade on the go, with ultra-fast execution speeds and access to over 140 markets worldwide. It also provides users with a sophisticated range of technical analysis tools, as well as comprehensive educational materials.


      Fastest Execution Speed – If you’re looking for lightning-fast execution speeds in your trades, then XM is the perfect choice for you. The platform boasts one of the fastest execution speeds on offer, meaning you can make trades in an instant if needed. It also offers competitive spreads and no commissions on certain markets.

      XM is revolutionizing the way you trade with their all-in-one XM App. Enjoy a truly seamless trading experience from anywhere, at any time, on your mobile. XM’s app offers over 1000 instruments in one place and executes your orders with no re-quotes. Plus, XM’s app allows you to customize your account to fit your needs, create mobile deposits and withdrawals, includes advanced up-to-the-minute charts featuring over 90 trading indicators, and provides you with the latest news, analysis, and market research. XM makes it easy to start trading right away since XM’s MT4 & MT5 app is compatible with both platforms. So if you’re looking for the best forex broker app that offers a simple yet secure trading experience, XM is the perfect choice for you!


      Mobile Trading made easy – BDSwiss Mobile Trading is ideal for those who want an easy way to trade on the go. It features an intuitive trading platform with user-friendly navigation and charting technology.

      FBS Mobile Trading

      Offering access to over 1000 markets worldwide, FBS Mobile Trading offers advanced tools, such as automated technical analysis indicators, as well as a range of educational materials. This app also boasts some of the most competitive spreads available in 2021

      With so many options available, it’s important to find the mobile trading app that best suits your individual needs in 2023. Therefore, the Mobile Trading Award winners for 2023 are AvaTrade, HFM (HotForex), XM – Fastest Execution Speed, BDSwiss, and FBS. 

      Each of these platforms offers traders a unique combination of features and tools to help them make the most informed decisions when it comes to investing and trading Forex with mobile apps.


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