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    Vanguard in Netherlands: Investment Opportunities

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      Explore Vanguard’s Impact in the Netherlands, Uncovering Financial Insights and Innovations.

      Vanguard in Netherlands with us

      Vanguard’s partnership with Ekzaga represents an opportunity unique for Dutch investors. We can access Vanguard’s world-renowned strategies and funds while also benefiting from Vanguard’s understanding of the Netherlands economy. Vanguard has a deep understanding of Dutch economics and is offering Dutch Investors a rare opportunity to invest in Vanguard funds.

      What is Vanguard?

      Vanguard has revolutionised the way that people invest money. Vanguard was founded in 1975 by John C. Bogle and introduced index funds around the globe. Exchange-traded fund (ETF) index funds are a diversified group of bonds or stocks that replicate the performance of specific market indices.

      Vanguard operates in a unique way because its shareholders are also the owners. Investors are the owners of Vanguard. Vanguard aligns its interests with the investors by focusing on low cost and long term value.

      Is Vanguard available in the Netherlands?

      Dutch investors are often asking if they can use Vanguard products and services in their own country. Yes, it is! Vanguard is indeed active in the Netherlands and offers Dutch investors an opportunity to take advantage of their well-known investment strategies.

      Why Choose Vanguard in the Netherlands with us?

      Vanguard’s Global Presence and Ekzaga’s Local Knowledge make a powerful combination. This ensures your investment decisions are informed by international as well as domestic perspectives.

      Vanguard provides a wide range of options for investing, from actively managed funds to index funds. Our team will help you to navigate through this variety and find a solution that fits your goals.

      Vanguard’s cost-effective investing approach is well-known. Ekzaga helps you maximise your investment returns while maximising cost efficiency.

      We offer personalised advice on financial matters, tailored to meet your individual circumstances. This ensures that your investment strategy is aligned with your objectives.

      Vanguard emphasises long-term gains, which is in line with Ekzaga’s dedication to your future financial security.

      Vanguard’s Investment Strategies in the Netherlands

      Understanding the different investment strategies is important when considering Vanguard’s Ekzaga in the Netherlands. You can consider the following key investment strategies:

      Vanguard’s index funds are renowned. We aim to mimic the performance of an index. Low costs and consistent returns are the hallmarks of this passive strategy. Vanguard actively manages funds for investors who are looking for more dynamic strategies. The funds are managed by portfolio managers with the goal of outperforming the market.

      ESG investments are gaining in popularity. Vanguard has ESG funds aligned with sustainability and ethical principles. We help you integrate ESG investing into your portfolio.

      Planned retirement should be a priority for your finances. Vanguard, in collaboration with us, offers retirement solutions to ensure financial security in your golden years. Ekzaga’s knowledge of Dutch tax law ensures your investment is as tax efficient as possible to maximise your return.

      Vanguard Platform Alternatives in the Netherlands

      Vanguard has a great reputation when it comes to investing platforms in The Netherlands. The diverse financial landscape provides several options worth considering. Explore them further.


      BinckBank is now part of Saxo Bank and is popular among Dutch investors. It’s a great alternative to Vanguard, with its user-friendly platform and wide variety of investment options. BinckBank provides access to funds, stocks and bonds. It is a great platform for beginners as well as experienced investors.


      DEGIRO, another notable platform in The Netherlands is DEGIRO. It is a great platform for those who want to save some money. The mobile application and web platform are user-friendly, which makes it easy for traders to use.


      Robeco, a Dutch company that manages assets with an excellent reputation, is one of the most reputable asset managers in Europe. Robeco offers a wide range of investment options, such as sustainable and thematic investments. Robeco is a leader in sustainable investments and a good alternative to Vanguard.

      Euronext Amsterdam

      Euronext Amsterdam is the Dutch leading stock exchange that allows direct stock trading. It’s a great choice for anyone interested in such a stock market. The stock exchange offers access to many Dutch and foreign stocks. It’s important for investors to know that it is not the traditional platform.


      Robeco, a subsidiary of Rabobank, offers investors investment options. This is a good option for those who want to keep their investment and banking accounts in one place. Its financial expertise, as well as the wide variety of investment options it offers, make this a great choice.


      Nationale-Nederlanden, often referred to as NN Investment Partners, is a Dutch asset manager with a global presence. The company specialises in active investment management, offering a variety of solutions including equity, fixed income and sustainable investments.

      ING Bank

      ING Bank, a Dutch-based bank with a good reputation in the marketplace, offers diversified investment opportunities to its customers. It’s a good choice for anyone who wants to do their banking and manage investments at the same time.


      BlackRock is not Dutch, but it’s a major global player in investment management with significant operations in the Netherlands. The company offers a variety of investment options and funds, which makes it a good alternative for Dutch investors looking for diversity and expertise.

      Kempen Capital Management

      Kempen Capital Management, a Dutch asset management company, specialises in various investment strategies. The company focuses on providing personalised solutions for investment, which makes them the preferred option for investors who have specific goals or preferences.

      Alex Vermogensbank

      Alex Vermogensbank is an established online broker from the Netherlands. It’s now part of BinckBank. It is well-known for its educational and research materials, making it an excellent choice for investors looking to improve their skills.

      Benefits of Investing with Vanguard

      Vanguard’s accessibility to Dutch investors has several advantages. The advantages include:

      Diversification Vanguard’s fund selection allows for easy diversification of portfolios.

      Vanguard’s low expenses ratios allow it to offer investors a lower cost of investing and potentially increase their return.

      Vanguard has pioneered the index fund approach, making it attractive to those seeking a passive investing strategy.

      Vanguard’s ethical investing approach and investor friendly policies have earned it a good reputation.


      Vanguard’s presence in The Netherlands and our expert guidance are a perfect combination for any investor seeking stability, financial growth, and professional advice. The partnership provides you with all the information and resources necessary to make informed investment decisions. Vanguard’s expertise in the global market and Ekzaga insights on local markets will help you secure your future. Vanguard offers you the opportunity to take the first step towards a better tomorrow.

      FAQs about Vanguard in Netherlands

      How successful has Vanguard been historically?

      Vanguard is a financial leader with a long history. It pioneered index investment and has consistently delivered strong returns for investors.

      What is the best way to get Vanguard started in The Netherlands?

      Contact a Vanguard representative to get started. We will help you choose the best Vanguard fund for your goals.

      Vanguard Funds: What are the risks?

      Vanguard’s funds are no exception. They all carry some risk. Vanguard’s low-cost approach and its diversification help mitigate the risks.

      Can Ekzaga help with estate planning?

      Ekzaga provides comprehensive estate planning and financial planning to help you preserve your wealth.

      Vanguard is a different investment firm?

      Vanguard is a unique company because it’s a client owned business. This means that its interest aligns with those of its investors. The result is lower costs, and an increased commitment to deliver value to the investors.

      What is the best way to monitor investments made with Vanguard Netherlands?

      Vanguard offers a simple online platform where you can monitor the progress of your investment. Ekzaga will help you navigate this portal.


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