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    What Account Types does FXTM Malaysia offer?

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      FXTM Malaysia is one of the top forex brokers in Malaysia. FXTM, or ForexTime, is an international broker of forex that provides various trading options, such as forex, stocks, and commodities.

      This comprehensive guide will take you through FXTM Malaysia and all the information you need about trading the Malaysia fx platform

      What you need to know about FXTM Malaysia

      Let’s quickly review what you should know about FXTM Malaysia before we get into its details. 

      What is FXTM Malaysia?

      FXTM Malaysia, the Malaysian arm of ForexTime – a forex and CFD brokerage with a worldwide presence – is based in Malaysia.

      FXTM Malaysia offers its trading services only to Malaysians and is regulated under the Securities Commission Malaysia. 

      Is FXTM a reliable broker?

      FXTM has a solid track record and is highly reputable. This broker is regulated and supervised by several financial institutions, such as the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius. 

      What trading platforms does FXTM offer?

      FXTM provides MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms as well as FXTM’s proprietary trading platform. 

      Getting Started with FXTM Malaysia

      After learning about FXTM Malaysia, let’s look at the beginning steps. 

      Open an FXTM Malaysia account.

      It is easy to open an FXTM Malaysia account. To begin the registration process, visit the FXTM Malaysia site and click the button “Register.”

      To complete your registration, you must enter some personal details and confirm your identity. 

      What account types does FXTM offer?

      FXTM provides various account types tailored to different best trading apps for forex preferences and styles. Account types include: 

      • Standard Account
      • Cent Account
      • Shares Account
      • ECN Account
      • ECN Zero Account
      • FXTM Pro Account

      How much is the minimum deposit for FXTM Accounts?

      Account types have different minimum deposits. Minimum deposit requirements: 

      • Standard Account: $100
      • Cent Account: $10
      • Shares Account: $100
      • ECN Account: $500
      • ECN Zero Account: $200
      • FXTM Pro Account: $25,000

      Trading with FXTM Malaysia

      You now have an FXTM Malaysia account. Let’s look closer at the trading experience you will get with this broker. 

      What trading instruments does FXTM Malaysia offer?

      FXTM Malaysia provides a variety of trading instruments, including: 

      • Forex
      • Stocks
      • Commodities
      • Indices
      • Cryptocurrencies

      What is the commission and trading fee at FXTM Malaysia?

      FXTM Malaysia offers trading commissions and fees that are competitive. Fees and commissions vary depending on account type and trading instrument. FXTM Malaysia’s website has more details about trading commissions and fees. 

      What leverage does FXTM Malaysia offer?

      FXTM Malaysia provides leverage up to 1:1000 for trading forex, depending on account type. 

      What educational resources does FXTM Malaysia offer?

      FXTM Malaysia provides a variety of educational materials to improve traders’ skills and knowledge. The resources available include: 


      FXTM Malaysia hosts regular webinars on a variety of forex page-related topics. 

      Trading guides:

      FXTM Malaysia provides a variety of trading guides that cover topics like technical analysis, risk management, and fundamental analysis. 

      Video tutorials:

      FXTM Malaysia has a collection of videos covering various trading topics. 

      Forex news:

      FXTM Malaysia offers daily news and analyses to help traders stay informed of the most recent market trends. 

      What customer support does FXTM Malaysia offer?

      FXTM Malaysia provides customer service via email, phone, and live chat. Customer support is available 24/7 to help with queries and issues. 

      FAQs about FXTM Malaysia

      1. the Malaysian government regulates FXTM Malaysia?

      FXTM Malaysia’s regulation is under the Securities Commission Malaysia. 

      2. Which trading platforms is FXTM Malaysia offering?

      FXTM Malaysia offers MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), and FXTM Trader. 

      3. FXTM Malaysia offers a variety of account types.

      FXTM Malaysia provides a variety of account types, including the Standard, ECN Zero, and ECN Zero accounts, as well as FXTM PRO. 

      4. How much is required to open an FXTM account?

      FXTM account types have different minimum deposits. Standard Accounts require a minimum of $100, while Cent Accounts only need $10. 

      5. What does FXTM Malaysia offer trading instruments?

      FXTM Malaysia provides various trading options, such as forex, stocks and commodities, indexes, and cryptocurrency. 

      6. What resources for education does FXTM Malaysia provide?

      FXTM Malaysia provides webinars, forex trading guides, video tutorials, and daily news and analyses. 

      Our Thoughts on Malaysian Traders Going with FXTM

      FXTM Malaysia, a well-respected forex broker review, offers traders a variety of trading tools, as well as competitive fees and commissions.

      It also provides several resources that help them improve their knowledge and skills.

      FXTM Malaysia offers a range of trading platforms and account types to suit traders at all levels. 

      FXTM Malaysia should be considered if you want to trade forex in Malaysia.

      FXTM Malaysia is a good choice to start trading forex in Malaysia. It has a strong reputation and countless features. 


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